About Us


The Photographer

Marty (short for Martin) was trained in landscape and street photography in Rome during college.

Marty's photographic style is as artistic as it is photojournalistic. Formal poses and fake smiles are not his style. He prefers to capture relaxed genuine moments with minimal direction to tell your story.

His passion for documenting poignant moments suspended in time give his work purpose and beauty. Marty's observant and honest approach allow him to capture subtle yet profoundly beautiful memories throughout your big day.


The Designer

Like night and day, Mabel’s fiery charm meld effortlessly with Marty’s grounded practicality in this duo.

Mabel (otherwise known as Ashley) appreciates big, bold, breathtaking design. Her style runs from quirky and contemporary. With a background in design, typography, and color theory, she strives to create memorable designs to uniquely fit every couple in anticipation of their wedding day.

Mabel also assists Marty on shoots and plays second photographer on your big day so not a shot is missed. Her highly detailed nature finds her often adjusting a stray collar here or there or getting a hair out of the way for you to make those moments just a little more perfect.

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